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Cactus Skeleton by Shadowcock Cactus Skeleton :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 1 0 Hourglass in Reverse by Shadowcock Hourglass in Reverse :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 2 2 Blue Candle by Shadowcock Blue Candle :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 4 1
     He knew things. Terrible things. Things that should've been kept secret, for the sanity of the world. He and his colleagues had agreed on that, at least. But in every group of secret keepers, someone always has to tell.
     They had experimented with the benign, at first. Nothing but cheap conjuring tricks. But as time went on and their thrust for knowledge grew, became unquenchable, they discovered certain... truths, about the universe.
     They swore together that nobody could know, that this knowledge was too dangerous. Because if the wrong person- human or otherwise- knew what they knew... All that would matter is that they would be the first to go.
     But love has a strange effect on promi
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One Of A Thousand Young- Sh'rsk by Shadowcock One Of A Thousand Young- Sh'rsk :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 1 0 Bus stop sunrise by Shadowcock Bus stop sunrise :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 6 3 Twilight over shitland by Shadowcock Twilight over shitland :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 1 1 poop by Shadowcock poop :iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 4 1
Sonnet of the Ghouls
How I hate to think of those eldritch beasts…
From Hades, are those frightful creatures.
Bacchanalian are their sanguine feasts,
And canine are their blasphemous features.
From unknown catacombs, they lurk and prowl,
Lying in wait for unknowing prey.
They rend the nighttime with impious howl,
Wallowing in charnel rot and decay.
In abyssal Pnoth they gibber and leap,
Beneath Peaks of Throk, so far underground.
Emerging above, to hunt those who sleep,
Unknowing that death is soon to be found.
So avoid graveyards, basements and cellars,
And you might shirk those underworld dwellers.
:iconshadowcock:Shadowcock 8 2
One of the most intriguing nuances of the Universe is that, time and again, it manages to outdo itself in terms of sheer oddity. One of these examples dwells on the validus humus* Gaia, north on the lateral plane of the galactic core of G2427626, known as the Milky Way galaxy in some ares of the Universe.
This creature, of primarily upright reptilian descent, is around the height of a larval valde vermis; it is omnivorous, with large claws and excellent vision, and can bring down a grown bupholant with little effort. It is perfectly adapted to its environment, and by every law of nature and evolution it should not have developed intelligence; of course, these laws do not allow for cosmic intervention.
Several centuries before the advent of homo sapien on Gaia, one of the the raptors was found calculating the orbit of Gaia's moon-suns. This event in itself was not so strange; indeed, any respectable intelligence could do so easily. No, what made this raptor such an aberration was that i
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I have better stuff, I promise... :c

I am so confused right now, I had the weirdest day.
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What oddities have been bestowed upon you?
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ps. "Philosoraptor" is the most awesome word ever. I'll have to stalk you with my writing account :lol:
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